BMW Scheduled Maintenance in Euless, Texas

Auto Maintenance in Euless, TexasVehicle's are large investments for most people, and in order to keep your investment roadworthy it needs regular auto maintenance. BMWs, like every vehicle on the road need scheduled services that include oil changes, tune ups, radiator flushes, belt and hose inspections, transmission flushes, safety checks and more. At DFW Bimmer we take great pride in servicing BMWs for their owners. We love seeing people drive away happy after a fresh tune & lube or other maintenance service. When you need a scheduled BMW maintenance in Euless give DFW Bimmer a call at (817) 440-3697 today!

Oil Change & Filter Replacement

Changing your BMW's oil is the single most important thing you can do to maintain your vehicle's health. Not only is fresh oil critical for ensuring that your engine is properly lubricated to prevent metal on metal contact, but draining the old oil essentially cleans the inside of your motor. As engine oil circulates it picks up sludge and other debris that has made its way into the engine. When the old oil is drained all the crud that causes your engine to have to work harder than normal is removed, restoring optimal fuel economy and a smooth running engine.

Scheduled Maintenance

Oil Change & Filter Replacement Euless, TexasEvery car that leaves the factory comes with a schedule of services that need to be performed at certain mileage intervals, as specified by the manufacturer. This service is often called 30/60/90K maintenance as many vehicles need to head into the shop every 30,000 miles. You don't have to return to the dealership for this service, at DFW we can complete these services while maintaining your vehicle's warranty. Give us a call the next time your BMW is due for factory scheduled maintenance.

Fluid Flushes

Another vital part of vehicle maintenance includes fluid flushes. Vehicle's use a variety of fluids for different operations that need to be drained and refilled with fresh services at different mileage intervals. We can do your car a favor by completing a cooling system flush, power steering flush, differential flush, transmission fluid flush or brake fluid flush.

Whatever maintenance service your BMW is due for we can do! Give DFW a call today at (817) 440-3697 to schedule an appointment for expert BMW maintenance in Euless and for residents throughout the West Dallas area.

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"DFW Bimmer was AWESOME! I was not excited about having to get my car serviced, but these guys were GREAT! They got us in for an estimate on short notice and did not rush us to make a decision on the work to have done. They were honest, friendly and very easy to work with. They even called us the next day to see how the car was running and if we had anymore questions or concerns. I highly recommend DFW Bimmer for BMW service. Thank you for taking such good care of us!"

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