Why are Oil Changes for my BMW so Important?


Why are Oil Changes for my BMW so Important?Your BMW relies on you to provide it with the maintenance it requires so that it can safely and reliably transport you from A to B. Without routine maintenance your BMW, or any car or truck for that matter, would quickly fall into despair. While most types of auto maintenance are only necessary at high mileage intervals, there is one service that is necessary relatively frequently. Newer BMW vehicles require oil changes every 5,000 to 10,000 miles, depending on your model and driving habits. This service is critical to engine health and overall vehicle operation. Let's look at the reasons why BMW oil changes are so important.

Keep the engine temperature down

While it is the cooling system that generally keeps the engine temperature regulated, fresh oil helps with this as well, in a few different ways. Oil is engineered to absorb heat produced by the engine, which helps dissipate existing heat. However, fresh oil is also able to prevent the production of heat by reducing the friction between the moving parts on the inside of the motor. Less friction means less heat, which really translate into a much healthier engine inside your BMW.

Removes grime from inside the engine

As oil circulates through the motor it collects dirt, grime and other contaminants that have made their way inside. As the oil picks this stuff up it can result in the oil becoming muddy and thick, resulting in decreased performance in the engine. This gunk will also clog up the oil filter, which can prevent proper oil flow through the engine. If the oil is thick and the filter is clogged, excessive friction in the motor will be the result. This of course can cause parts to wear faster and may result in catastrophic engine damage. An oil change removes this debris from the engine.

Ensures proper lubrication

The main purpose of oil changes is to ensure that there is proper lubrication for the moving engine parts. If you neglected to change the oil in your BMW it would likely cause motor parts, including engine bearings, to wear down and fail. Overtime this will result in the need for a complete engine rebuild or replacement.

Do not put off oil changes, or any auto maintenance for that matter, if you want your BMW to continue running right. If it is time for a BMW oil change in Dallas head to DFW Bimmer in Euless. Our team of expert BMW maintenance technicians will help you keep your vehicle running great. Call DFW Bimmer at (817) 440-3697 to schedule an appointment for expert BMW maintenance in Euless today!

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