6 Ways to Tell it's Time for BMW Brake Repair


6 Ways to Tell it's Time for BMW Brake RepairNo system has as big of a responsibility when it comes to safety as the brakes. A brake system that is not operating properly needs to be addressed immediately to avoid safety concerns for yourself, your passengers and others on the road. Putting off brake repair when you know there is a problem is simply irresponsible. If you experience any of these signs of brake trouble be sure to head to your local BMW repair shop right away!

ABS Indicator Light

BMW dashboards host an array of indicator lights, such as the check engine light, that let you know about potential issues with your car. If your BMW's brake warning light, often reading ABS for Anti-lock Braking System, comes on it could spell disaster. Call your mechanic right away to schedule diagnostics.

Visible Brake Fluid Leak

If you discover a clearish-brown fluid collecting near one of the vehicle's wheels or under your BMW there is a good chance it's due to a brake fluid leak. Do not drive your BMW! A brake fluid leak can cause complete brake failure.

Brake Pedal Vibrates

A shaking brake pedal is a sure sign of a problem. It often indicates warped brake rotors, which means they have a decreased surface area for the brake pads to rub against. This issue can greatly decrease braking power.

Spongy Brake Pedal

Does your brake pedal need to be pushed further than it used to in order to get a response from the brakes? This can be caused by very worn down brake pads, but it may also be attributed to air in the brake fluid or a brake fluid leak!

Vehicle Pulling

A car that pulls to the side during braking is likely suffering from uneven wear of the brake pads. Other issues that can cause this problem include debris in the brake fluid or a malfunctioning wheel cylinder.

Grinding Noises

If you're BMW is due for brake pads there's a strong chance the first indication of this you will notice is a grinding, screeching or howling noise that occurs as you brake. This is created by metal grinding on metal due the pads having worn too thin!

At the first sign of brake trouble be sure to make an appointment for BMW brake repair. For professional BMW brake repair in Dallas or the surrounding area head to DFW Bimmer. Our BMW repair techs are skilled at servicing all years and models of BMW cars and SUVs. Give us a call today at (817) 440-3697 to schedule an appointment for expert BMW service in Euless, Dallas or the surrounding areas.

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