How can I tell apart different automotive fluid leaks?


How can I tell apart different automotive fluid leaks?Every now and again, it's good to take a look at the ground below where you typically park your BMW and check to see if there are any signs that fluid has been leaking. If you do see evidence that there's a leak, there are certain traits you can look for to help you determine what the fluid is. In the event that you're stumped, it's best to soon get your BMW to a mechanic who can promptly pinpoint and take care of the problem. Here's a look at five tips to figure out which kind of fluid is leaking from your Bimmer.

Transmission Fluid

This is known to have a reddish hue, but could also appear as light brown. Whenever you have a potential transmission problem, it's important to take care of it right away so that the issue doesn't snowball into a wildly expensive problem.

Differential Fluid

This can have a similar appearance to transmission fluid, but you can often tell the difference according to where the leak is accumulating. There's a good chance that it's differential fluid if the accumulation is near the rear end of the vehicle.

Coolant Leak

While coolant is often bright green in color, it might also appear as yellow or pink. If your coolant is leaking internally, it can subsequently become burned up in your combustion chamber, resulting in white exhaust. Coolant leaks should always be addressed quickly because of the significant harm that overheating can cause an engine.

Brake Fluid

This will likely look light brown in color and regularly accumulates next to a tire or below the master brake cylinder. Brake fluid often has a slimy feel to it, depending on how fresh the leak is.

Oil Leak

This one tends to be more familiar to most folks, with its dark color and rainbow sheen. Oil leaks need to be taken care of immediately to prevent excessive friction between the moving parts of the engine.

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