4 Signs of Trouble that Require a BMW Repair Expert


4 Signs of Trouble that Require a BMW Repair ExpertIf you drive a BMW you likely take great pride in it. WIth that pride comes great responsibility. While major issues are unlikely with any BMW, there may be a time that you need the assistance of an expert to ensure your car or SUV continues to run like a top. The following are a few problems notable for BMWs built in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Should you run into any of these troubles don't hesitate to make an appointment for professional BMW repair to ensure no other issues develop.

Rough Idle

BMWs from the turn of the century have been known to suffer from a rough idle, generally caused by one of two issues. The most common issue is a fairly simple problem, a dirty idle control valve. More often than not the part will just need to be cleaned, not necessarily replaced. The second issue that can cause a rough idle is heavy rain flooding the DME compartment.

Burning Oil Smell

The Double Overhead Cam engines used in BMWs from the late 90s and early 00s have become known to leak oil from the cam cover gasket down the cylinder head allowing oil to be burnt off. Oil leaks can also sprout up that drip into the spark plug wells. An oil leak can eventually cause major engine damage if the lubrication for the moving parts becomes insufficient.

BMW Water Pump Failure

These vehicles have a water pump that utilizes plastic impeller used to propel coolant throughout the engine. This particular part has been known to fail prematurely. If the water pump fails your car will likely begin to overheat as it is no longer able to push coolant through the motor to cool the hot engine parts. Overheating can lead to major trouble as well, so this is an important issue to look out for.

BMW Radiator Leaks

Plastic parts on the stock radiator are known to wear out and crack over time due to the hot and cold cycle they are put through. The most common location of leaks include the top radiator pipe and plastic thermostat housing. A cracked radiator results in leaking coolant and can also cause overheating issues.

It is best to seek the help of an expert BMW repair technicians any time you notice something strange with your car. If you need BMW repair in Dallas or the neighboring communities head to DFW Bimmer. Our team of skilled BMW technicians will ensure your car is running great! Give us a call at (817) 440-3697 to request superior BMW repair in Euless, Dallas or the surrounding areas.

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