Common 5 Series e60 BMW Repairs


If you're in the market for a 2004-2010 5 series BMW, or currently own one of the e60s, you need to be aware of a few faults that have been known to be repetitive amongst these models. If you find yourself suffering from any of these issues don't hesitate to get in touch with your local BMW repair team to ensure that the problem is addressed as soon as possible, in order to avoid more extensive damage.

Faulty Sunroof Seal

If the vehicle is equipped with a sunroom it may suffer from a failed sunroof seal. While these will deteriorate after many years, this vehicle may have one that just doesn't stick to its duties, resulting in a low mileage BMW that produces a whistling noise from the sunroof or drafts inside the car as you drive down the road.

Noise Making Windows

Drivers of low mileage e60s have complained that the windows shake and rattle during normal operation. There have been various fixes found for this issue so it is important to speak with a technician about which option is best for your car.

Fuel Delivery Problems

Defective BMW fuel pumps have been known to cause fuel efficiency and performance issues across all e60 5 series models. If you begin to suffer from a lack in engine performance or notice a drop in your MPGs head to the shop as soon as possible.

Control Arm Malfunction

Vehicles in the 30K-50K mileage range have been reported to suffer from loose handling. The usual issue is a failing control arm or worn bushings. If this is not addressed you will likely begin to experience more indepth suspension problems.

Brake Booster Fails

There was a recall on some models that fit this article for the brake booster, vacuum hose and master cylinder to be replaced due to oil leaking into the brake booster. This makes it very difficult to depress the brakes and could result in an accident.

These are some common problems that the e60 BMW has been reported to have, but they aren't the only things that can go wrong. To have these issues serviced or for any other BMW repair in Euless or the surrounding area be sure to get in touch with DFW Bimmer. We offer complete BMW maintenance in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for all models and years. Give us a call at (817) 440-3697 to make an appointment today!

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