Do I Need to Have My BMW Serviced at the Dealer?


There is a common misconception that new cars need to go to the dealership for services including repairs and routine maintenance in order to maintain the warranty. Well this simply isn't the case. While some makes and models of vehicles can be taken to just about any auto repair shop, higher end vehicles like BMWs will need to go to a specialty shop in order to get the attention and service they deserve. The advantage of going to a locally owned shop instead of the dealership shows itself in the final bill. A dealer will charge much more for the same job that can be completed by an independent repair shop in the same manner!

Warranty Worries

The usual worry people have about going to an independent shop is that their warranty will become void. A qualified repair center is able to conduct any and all necessary repairs and scheduled maintenance for your BMW without risking the warranty's value. But be cautious when selecting a repair shop to service your vehicle, as not all of them will have the qualifications to do the job correctly.

OEM Parts

Another concern that many people have about bringing the fine German automobile to an independent auto repair center is that their car won't receive factory parts when repairs are being completed. A well connected local auto shop will have access to all the right parts for your car, no matter how old or new it is. Utilizing original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts is an important aspect of maintaining a warranty.

Right Tool for the Right Job

The dealerships aren't the only ones who have the latest factory equipment on hand to complete diagnostic and repair work. These tools are offered to qualifying repair shops as well, because even at the manufacturer level the big wigs know that people will want to have their brand new vehicle service by their trusted local technician. Ask your neighborhood BMW shop if they offer the latest in computer aided service tools, you'll be happy with the answer.

So what is the benefit of going to the dealership? Well you get to pay a lot more money and read all the newest sales brochures while you wait for your car. Wait, that's not a good thing. When you need BMW repair in Euless you can trust the expert BMW technicians at DFW Bimmer. We're here to keep your car on the road and driving great! Call us at (817) 440-3697 to schedule an appointment for professional BMW repair today!

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Written By Brian Corey

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