6 Interesting Facts about BMW


So you think you know everything about Bayerische Motorenwerke, or Bavarian Motor Works, there is to know? Well did you catch that little tidbit of information already? BMW, as it is more commonly known, was formally founded on March 6, 1916 and has their headquarters in Munich, Germany. Let's dive into a little history about BMW that may have been left out of your car history textbook.

1. Airplane Heritage

Many people know that BMW got their start in airplanes during World War I, but what many people don't realize is that the company was not formally founded when they began production. Even more interesting, it was this company, which was a combination of two business called Rapp Motor and airplane manufacturer Otto Werke, that produced the airplane engines that were so beloved by the infamous Red Baron.

2. Logo Myth

Speaking of airplane heritage, many people are under the impression that the current BMW logo is actually a spinning propeller against a blue sky. Wrong. The blue and white are the national colors of Bavaria, the German state in which Munich lies. The logo was never affixed to an airplane propeller until 1929, when the marketing department wanted to affirm their history in aero engineering.

3. Land Speed Record

In 1937 BMW set a land speed record for motorcycles. The supercharged bike was an aerodynamic missile that hit a top speed of 173.7 miles per hour. It even had it's own special helmet for the brave rider.

4. LamBMWo?

The original 1970s M car, the M1, was suppose to be a joint operation between Lamborghini and BMW. When Lambo pulled the plug on the project that had BMW providing the engine and suspension, the German's decided it wasn't time to quit and moved ahead with their own concept of super performance. In all, this lead to a myriad of amazing M series vehicles.

5. New BMW Classics

BMW still builds new parts for cars and motorcycles that date prior to WWII. They still use the same tools in order to do it, too! Best of all? The production is completed at a classic BMW motorcycle factory.

6. BMW owns Rolls Royce

Those RR badges are pretty fancy, but you can thank BMW for financially backing the supreme luxury vehicles.

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