5 Common Signs of BMW Ignition Failure


5 Common Signs of BMW Ignition FailureVehicles are made up of many complex systems that work together in order to get your vehicle to start, move and stop. The engine and transmission are often considered the main components of vehicle mechanics but there are many more parts that complete the BMW. One of those is the ignition system, which is really what gets your car's engine spinning. It seems so easy to start a car, by simply turning a key, but if the ignition system fails you're not going anywhere! If you're having trouble getting your car started you may have experienced these issues, all signs of ignition failure.

No Noise from the Starter Motor

Many people are quick to blame the starter for ignition problems. To determine if you're having an ignition switch issue or a starter motor problem listen for the sound of the starter motor actuating. If you can hear nothing when you turn the key in the ignition there is actually a better chance you are having ignition problems, as a bad starter motor will usually produce a clicking noise.

Dashboard Lights Flash

A less common but still relevant symptom of a bad ignition is if your dashboard lights suddenly shut off or flicker while the car is in motion. You may also experience this while starting your car the next time you try, if the ignition begins to malfunction.

Key Will Not Turn

If you cannot turn the key in the ignition you may have a bad ignition switch. However, be sure you jiggle the steering wheel as your turn the key to make sure it isn't the steering lock preventing you from being able to turn it.

Vehicle Stalls

A faulty ignition switch may cause your vehicle to shut off or stall while driving down the road or if you're vehicle is stopped.

Car Will Not Start

Obviously one of the biggest signs of a failing or faulty ignition switch is if the car won't start when the key is turned. Ignition switches can go bad due to regular wear and tear over many years and miles and may occasionally need to be replaced, but usually they last well over 100,000 miles.

Starting problems can be very frustrating but are generally fairly easy to diagnose and repair. If you believe you may need BMW ignition repair in Dallas, Euless or the surrounding area reach out to DFW Bimmer. We handle all BMW repair and maintenance issues. Give us a call today at (817) 440-3697 to schedule an appointment for expert BMW service in Euless.

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