How do I know if my BMW needs a tune up?


The term tune up is somewhat vague in the automotive industry. In a gist it refers to simple maintenance services that are conducted to a vehicle when it is not operating as it should. In many scenarios tune ups involve services such as replacing worn spark plugs, installing a new air filter or fuel filter, conducting fluid services and other minor tasks. Some people refer to routine maintenance, such as 30/60/90K service, as a tune up, but those services are much more in depth. Tune ups are usually performed between major services when a car just doesn't seem to be running quite right. If your BMW isn't quite due for scheduled maintenance but doesn't seem to be operating as it should it may be time for a tune up, especially if you run into any of the following four problems.

Rough idle

A rough idle will be characterized by the engine sputtering, often sounding like it is almost going to die. You can often times watch the tachometer fall and rise with the troubled engine speed. If your car is having this issue it may need to have a sensor cleaned or replaced or new spark plugs and wires may be in order.

Poor fuel economy

There are many things that can result in a car getting poor fuel efficiency, but it can often be resolved with minor auto maintenance. If you notice a drop in your BMW's MPGs head to the BMW service station for a tune up, which may include installing a new air filter and ensuring the MAF and o2 oxygen sensors are working right.


One of the more hazardous signs of car trouble is if the engine suddenly turns off while driving or while at a stop light. This is extremely dangerous as it prevents you from being able to properly control your BMW. Should this ever happen to you do not hesitate to make an appointment for BMW repair.

Hard starting

If you ever run into trouble getting your BMW started you'll definitely need the assistance of an expert BMW mechanic. There are numerous things that could be causing this, from a clogged fuel filter to a failing starter.

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