Why Won't My BMW Start?


The starting system in modern BMWs is quite complex. There are several major parts involved that work together in order to get your car's engine fired up. If any of these parts have difficulty operating you may run into hard starting issues such as slow cranking or your engine might not turn over at all. The following are some of the most common causes of hard starting in BMWs both new and old. For proper diagnosis be sure to call your local BMW mechanic in order to make an appointment for expert repair.

Tune up Issues

There are several smaller issues that could cause hard or no starting problems for your Bimmer. All cars require electricity (spark), air and gas in order to get up and running. The following may be some of the first things your mechanic checks, depending on your specific symptoms.

  • Spark Plugs - The spark plugs are what ignite the air and fuel mixture. If they become dirty or corroded they will not be able to fire, which will result in a vehicle that turns over and over without starting.
  • Air Filter - A clogged air filter will prevent the proper air/fuel mixture from being created, which can lead to a car not starting or having a hard time starting.
  • Fuel Filter - A fuel filter that is not letting fuel pass to the combustion chamber due to a heavy build up or contaminants will prevent the vehicle from starting as well.

Bad Starter Motor

The starter motor is what gets the engine spinning to create the compression that helps ignite the fuel. Symptoms of a bad starter motor include a loud click, or a series of clicks when the key is turned.

Failing Fuel Pump

If the fuel pump fails the vehicle's engine will not be able to get the gas it desperately needs to get things going, or to continue running. You may experience elongated cranking before the car starts if the pump is on its way out.

Dead Battery

One thing that definitely won't let your car start is a dead battery. A battery can die if accessories are ran while the vehicle is off or if lights are left on. However a faulty alternator can also result in a dead battery!

As soon as you begin to notice starting trouble starting your BMW get in touch with a qualified BMW service business. If you require BMW repair in Dallas, Fort Worth or the surrounding area head to DFW Bimmer in Euless. We use the latest techniques when servicing BMWs ensuring fast and accurate diagnostics and repair. To schedule BMW maintenance in Dallas just call (817) 440-3697 to make an appointment.

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Written By Brian Corey

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