BMW Service Myths


BMW Service MythsYou know how the conversation goes; "Isn't it expensive to service your German auto?" This is a common misconception about owning fine European vehicles. While the way these cars and SUVs are serviced can differ from domestic cars and trucks, that doesn't mean it is going to drain the bank to keep them well maintained. And while not every repair shop can service your BMW, finding an independent European auto shop just takes some good research!

Myth: Only the dealer can provide proper maintenance for my BMW

This simply isn't true. If you're concerned about quality and maintaining your warranty, you can still bring your new car to an independent repair shop, often at a much less expensive price than the deale. It is up to you to stay up to date with your maintenance schedule, but as long as the repair shop is verified your warranty will remain intact. Dealerships charge much more than other auto shops and spread this belief that they are the only ones who can service your car. But if you want to save thousands of dollars over the life of your vehicle, find an independent shop.

Myth: I can bring my European car to any repair shop

On the flip side, you can't bring your car to just any shop. While many places claim they provide European auto service they likely don't have all the tools necessary to complete it properly. Maintenance and repair for your BMW shouldn't be performed by any run of the mill auto shop. To give your vehicle the best service it's important to check out the shops credentials and read reviews of independent repair shops to find out what others think about their service.

Myth: It is expensive to repair & service BMWs

Probably the most common myth about servicing and repairing these excellent automobiles is that they are fancy machines requiring many trips to the mechanic. False. BMWs are precision built automobiles that don't need as much attention as many people think. While there may be the occasional lemon in a bunch, this happens with all makes and models. What is true is that if you want genuine replacement parts it can be a bit more expensive because they need to be imported from overseas. Just be sure to stay up to date with your scheduled maintenance and you won't find yourself at the mechanic anymore than another car.

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