Does Your BMW Need a New Starter Motor?


The starting system of your BMW is quite complex and involves many different parts that work together in order to get your car fired up. One of those parts is the starter motor, which plays a very pivotal role in the starting of your car. This part is fed an electrical charge once the key is turned that causes it to actuate a gear, called the pinion gear, which connects with the flywheel. It then spins the flywheel which gets the pistons to move up and down to generate the compression necessary to ignite the air/fuel mixture. If the starter can't properly do its job your you will likely experience one of these 4 common signs of starter failure.

Clicking noise

Perhaps the most common sign of that the starter motor is having trouble would be a loud click or series of clicks that occurs when you turn the key. This is the sound of the starter motor actuating but not spinning. This is generally a failure on the part of the starter solenoid which may not be able to generate the power necessary to spin the motor.

Buzzing when key is turned

If you hear a faint buzzing sound after turning the key in the ignition in could be the sound of electricity flowing to the starter motor, but not enough to allow it to do its job. There is a good chance that there is a poor connection on the starter motor itself.

"Whirring" sounds

If you hear a whirring or swishing noise when you try to start your car but the engine itself is not turning over then you're hearing the sound of the starter motor spinning without connecting to the flywheel. The starter motor will likely need to be replaced as it is not currently able to properly actuate.

Grinding noises

Grinding noises related to the starter motor can mean a few different things. First of all it may be caused by chipped or missing gear teeth on the pinion gear or the flywheel, resulting in improper connection. Another potential issue would be loose mounting bolts, which would allow the starter to rattle around when it is doing its job.

A failed starter motor is generally a fairly quick fix for most vehicles. If you believe that you need BMW starter repair in Euless reach out to the expert technicians at DFW Bimmer. We offer complete BMW repair for all years and models at our modern auto shop. To learn more about our facility or to schedule BMW repair in Euless and the surrounding area give our friendly team a call at (817) 440-3697 today!

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Written By Brian Corey

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