Does your BMW Need Exhaust Repair?


One of the most heavily worked systems in your BMW doesn't even have any moving parts. The exhaust pipes in your car carry the hot exhaust fumes away from the engine and disperses them out of the tailpipe. However, an exhaust leak can allow for these toxic fumes to enter the passenger cabin putting you and your passengers at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, which can quickly result in death. If you experience any of these signs of any exhaust leak be sure to visit your BMW mechanic right away to keep yourself safe and your car running efficiently.

Lowered Fuel Efficiency

There are many things that can cause a drop in fuel efficiency, which means you will likely need to have a mechanic help you determine what the exact trouble is. However, an exhaust leak can drop your MPGs because the deregulation of the flow of the hazardous exhaust fumes can cause your oxygen and mass airflow sensors to malfunction. This means that they will miscalculate incoming and outgoing air and your car will burn excessive amounts of gasoline as a result.

Gas Pedal Vibrations

One of the more common symptoms of an exhaust leak is a vibration sensation in your gas pedal. This is caused by the exhaust fumes escaping from a hole in the system. Even the smallest of holes will likely cause some sort of vibration. The bigger the leak the worse the vibration will be. Larger leaks may even cause your steering wheel to shake or your whole car to vibrate, especially during acceleration.

Loud Engine Rumbling

If your once quiet car has begun to create a deep rumbling noise while cruising or especially during acceleration you can bet on an exhaust leak. This noise, much like the vibration, is caused by the escaping air. While some folks may think this may make your car sound "cool" or "tough" this issue needs to be addressed right away in order to keep you and your car healthy.

Exhaust leaks are very dangerous as carbon monoxide has no odor or color and can quickly cause lightheadedness and death. If you believe you have an exhaust system leak and need BMW exhaust repair in Euless, Fort Worth or Dallas head to DFW Bimmer. Our team of factory trained BMW repair technicians will have your BMW running great again in no time! To learn more about our extensive services or to schedule BMW repair in Euless or the surrounding area give us a call at (817) 440-3697 today!

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Written By Brian Corey

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