Top Signs Your BMW Requires Brake Repair Now!


Top Signs Your BMW Requires Brake Repair Now!Airbags, seat belts and crumple zones are amazing safety features of modern BMWs, but these items all have one thing in common; they help reduce the impact of a collision once it occurs. The brakes on the other hand, help prevent accidents altogether, as long as they are in good condition, anyway. The following symptoms of brake failure need to be taken very serious, as putting off brake repair could lead to a devastating wreck. Always pay attention to the signs that your vehicle is having trouble in order to have braking issues resolved as soon as they become apparent.

Dashboard Indicator Light

Vehicles are equipped with several dashboard warning lights, such as the check engine light, that inform drivers of potential problems. One of those lights generally reads ABS, which stands for anti-lock braking system. If this light illuminates head to the repair shop right away to find out what is wrong.

Soft Brake Pedal

If the brake pedal in your vehicle is easy to push, rests closer to than floor than it use to, or does not return to its normal position quickly after braking there is a good chance the brake pads are heavily worn. Unfortunately this may indicate a bigger problem, such as air in the brake lines or a disastrous brake fluid leak.

Veering or Pulling

When a car tries to pull to the left or right during braking there's a strong possibility that the vehicle is experiencing uneven wear of the brake pads. This is very dangerous, as it can cause your vehicle to veer into another vehicle or some other object when braking hard. Other causes of this include impurities in the brake fluid or a stuck or faulty wheel cylinder.

Brake Pedal Vibrates

A vibrating brake pedal is often a sign of warped brake rotors. The rotors are what the brake pads rub against in order to create the friction necessary to slow your vehicle. Warped rotors mean an increased distance is needed to bring the car to a full stop.

Grinding or Squealing Noise

The most common sign of brake trouble is a grinding or squealing noise that happens when the brakes are applied. This indicates that the brake pads are heavily worn or completely gone, resulting in metal grinding on metal. Head to the auto shop to have the brake system's functionality fully restored.

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